New Study finds those who are homophobic maybe suppressing homosexual tendencies

According to recent studies, conducted by a team from the University of Rochester, the University of Essex, England, and the University of California in Santa Barbara found that homophobia could be a form of self-hatred and individuals who discriminate against homosexuals, could be gay themselves.

Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, says homophobic people may have a discrepancy between what they are consciously aware of and their unconscious attraction to same sex partners.  These people are more likely to come from authoritarian homes.  If a parent insists their child is heterosexual when they are not and tell them they are only good if they are heterosexual, the child may grow up to hate what they are and show it by discrimination and hatred towards gays and lesbians.  Read more…

Why good Catholics are challenging church line on homosexuality

…American Catholics are hardly of one mind, nor in lockstep with their bishops, when it comes to same-sex marriage; to rights for LGBT people at home, at work, and in church; or to the ongoing campaign against anti-gay bullying in schools.

Source: By Patrick Hornbeck , Special to CNN - Editor’s Note: Patrick Hornbeck is an assistant professor and associate chair for undergraduate studies at Fordham University.

New Featured For November: Justin Ryan

Justin RyanNovember’s Artist of the Month Is Justin Ryan! 

Pat and Carolyn met Justin through our friend and mentor, Marsha Stevens-Pino about 10 years ago at the first Upbeat! Seminar.  He was just “off the bus” fromPaducah,KYand very young!  But you couldn’t let the number of years he had lived discount his experience…  because this young man had been through things that most of us had only heard about.  We all fell instantly in love with him.  There was/is something else very special about Justin that didn’t come completely to light until he sang.  This young man was going places and we all knew it! 

Listen to Justin’s Newest CD “I’ve Been There” and some Justin Ryan concert excerpts at the following times throughout November:

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Christians are embracing their LGBT neighbors

My Take: Why Christians are embracing their LGBT neighbors

Editor’s note: Ross Murray is director of religion, faith and values at GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against DefamationBy Ross Murray, Special to CNN

Whole Christian denominations have accepted and embraced the reality of LGBT believers within their ranks and in their leadership. Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, the United Church of Christ and Unitarians have formally accepted LGBT people within their denominations.

The Public Religion Research Institute found this year that as many as 71% of Catholics in America support lesbian and gay people, even up to the point of civil marriage, despite the Roman Catholic hierarchy telling them otherwise.

Are Attitudes changing?  The author of this article seems to believe so…  As an LGBT myself, I am seeing changes that I never dreamed I’d see.  What are your thoughts?  Have your feelings changed around LGBT acceptance?  If you are LGBT, has your life changed for the better?

Are evangelicals dangerous?

Editor’s Note: R. Albert Mohler, Jr., is president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world.  By R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Special to CNN,

Do Evangelicals shape the USA in ways that are detrimental to democracy?  Are extreme evangelicals influential?  What can we do to counter the affects of religious leaders determined to influence the laws of our nation to align with the faith they profess?  Or should we do anything?