New Study finds those who are homophobic maybe suppressing homosexual tendencies

According to recent studies, conducted by a team from the University of Rochester, the University of Essex, England, and the University of California in Santa Barbara found that homophobia could be a form of self-hatred and individuals who discriminate against homosexuals, could be gay themselves.

Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, says homophobic people may have a discrepancy between what they are consciously aware of and their unconscious attraction to same sex partners.  These people are more likely to come from authoritarian homes.  If a parent insists their child is heterosexual when they are not and tell them they are only good if they are heterosexual, the child may grow up to hate what they are and show it by discrimination and hatred towards gays and lesbians.  Read more…

Who screams on 911 call in Trayvon Martin case?

(CNN) — Fresh questions emerged Monday as to who can be heard screaming on a 911 call during the confrontation that ended in Trayvon Martin’s death, as well as whether a police detective recommended the arrest of the Florida teen’s shooter — only to be overruled.

George Zimmerman has claimed he fatally shot Martin in self-defense, saying the 17-year-old accosted him after he had called police to report the teenager walking around his Sanford, Florida, neighborhood.



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